Who Should take Aerial Beginner Intro Class & How does it work?

Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness require a solid understanding of how to use a Yoga Hammock. Initially, every person is a beginner with this very unique, fun, and challenging kind of yoga. Safety is VERY important to us. Because of this, we recommend everyone attend at least one Aerial Beginner Intro class. One last piece of advice, if you sign up for a Mixed Levels class, please be aware that the class is not going to have beginner students in it. What this means is that you might have to opt out of things that you haven't learned yet ;) #knowyourself #itsoktowatch

Our Aerial Beginner Intro class is a class that covers fundamental understanding of

- what the aerial hammock is

- how to hang the aerial hammock

- the steps you must be able to do with ease and grace to get upside down (invert)

- contraindications and things that should be avoided (basic safety)

- and an opportunity to experience the 'feel good' benefits of being inverted

The class is 30 minutes long and covers around 5 poses total. This allows for beginners to have ample time to learn only the fundamentals, in a relaxed environment, with others who are also beginners. Many people opt to attend multiple Aerial Beginner Intro classes, to help deepen their understanding, and work at their comfort level. Our instructors are there to help you work toward "levelling up" to our Mixed Levels Classes. Until you are ready, you can stay in the Aerial Beginner Intro classes.

We have lots of intro classes (as of 1/21/21) here is our schedule:

Monday 5:30pm

Wednesday 5:30pm

Friday 5:30pm