What to know if you are "Plus-Size" and want to do Aerial Yoga...

Updated: May 18, 2021

Yoga is for every Body. Regardless of how you look, identify, or what you weigh. Aerial yoga is quite good for bodies that have pain, have gained weight, or have spine compression. The yoga hammock supports up to 600lbs. It is made of nylon material that has little to no stretch. Larger bodies can do this practice, just be mindful that the sensations and stretches are more challenging when you have a larger body.

Our recommendation will always be to book private or semi-private sessions if you feel like you should not be in a group fitness class. Group fitness classes are designed for the everyday fitness fan, and for this reason, can be challenging for people who are new to fitness, who have larger bodies, or who have specific special needs.

We encourage you to come and try this practice to see if it's right for you. All beginners are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend our Intro classes. These are 30 minutes long and are beginner friendly. If you have any other questions or comments please share!