What people are saying about our Yoga Teacher Training

We get lots of people who want to know more about our teacher training. Our program is for ANYONE interested in the benefits of yoga. Aerial Yoga is a wellness technology that improves spinal health and boosts immunity. It can be learned on it's own - meaning you don't need to know how to do ground yoga. It is also a very natural compliment to a traditional yoga practice. Starting your inquiry is easy and we are here to answer your questions.

Hearing from those who have taken our Yoga Teacher Training is the best way to get an idea about our program. We built our program out to inspire, create confidence, and get you started teaching. Our core values shine through in our training, and we are happy to share a series of questions we have asked our Alumni. Don't want to teach? That's fine too - some people just take the training to learn more.

Here are some questions we asked our Alumni, and their responses.

1. What did you learn about yourself in the YTT?

"I learned that I have much to offer, even if I came out of "yoga teaching retirement" and felt like I wasn't ready to teach. I learned that I shouldn't let fear get in the way of teaching and being fully myself. The best and most memorable thing I learned is that I have a support system, a team and community who encourage, motivate, and inspire one another to grow, and that I'm not alone."

"I learned the fundamentals of being a yoga instructor at R.A.Y., I was able to be with a small group of people to focus on growth, perspective, and inner alignment which was such an enlightening experience for me. I learned my comfortability in teaching something that I believe in and how that can be shown naturally in a teacher/student setting. I also learned a lot about my capabilities as well as where I can focus more of my efforts."

2. Since the training have you had a chance to use anything you learned? if so what?
  • "Yes!! I've learned how to promote myself with ease. Incorporating content into social media and still make it my style has become a fun experience. I've learned how to design sequences that are wholesome and holistic, but still customize it to fit the class depending on mood, experience level, etc. And of course, the props!! I'm finding more fun and creative ways to incorporate props into my classes and practice. I love adding my love of Ground Yoga to my Aerial Yoga classes."

3. Do you have any advice for people interested in YTT or Aerial Yoga?
  • " Take as many classes as you can from all instructors at the studio. This helps you learn about each instructor's style, cues, use of props, and more! That's how you develop your own teaching style and motivates you to continue your own practice. Also, it's cool and validating to support your own Team members!

  • Always be yourself.

  • Be professional, genuine, inclusive, compassionate, and caring. Clients care more about that than what you know.

  • If in doubt, reach out! You have a supportive Team that you can bounce off ideas, ask questions, etc. The learning and growing doesn't stop after YTT.

  • Self-care is a must. Period. Don't let yourself approach burnout stage. Speak up, reach out. RAY has a positive and supportive team culture. "