We work with Social Media Influencers. Are you a good fit for us?

Our studio has perks and special pricing for Social Media Influencers. We are always looking for amazing and authentic individuals to join our Community. Our Influencers help promote our studio through their actions and calls to action on Social Media. Lots of our visibility comes from the connections we grow locally and regionally from content creation and collaboration, and honestly, we love social media!

We have some of the best perks available to our Influencers. Our Influencers have access to hosting private aerial parties for Brand Launches, Birthdays, and Private Events. Professional photographers are on our staff for high quality images and promotional material. We actively network and resource share with our team too, and hope to connect with those Influencers who see the value in contributing to our fitness network.

Perks include:

+ Discounts on Memberships

+ Free Passes for your Followers

+ Free Promotional Merchandise

+ Monetization and more...

Our Influencers don't have to have a huge following. We want Influencers who have a solid community of local followers with good engagement.

Are you the One we are Looking for?

Email us at with Subject Line: Influencer for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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