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Updated: May 19

Thank you for taking a moment to read our post. We have been adding classes back on the schedule and want to hear from you. In order for us to add a class we need to know:

  • that it is a time that works with our communities needs

  • there will be our minimum met (we require a minimum of 2 students for a class to stay scheduled)

  • that we can have an instructor available to cover the class

Here are the class times that we have currently (as of 5/5/2021):

  • 7:30am Yoga Stretch Friday

  • 9am Yoga Stretch Thursday

  • 10am Aerial Intro Saturday

  • 10:30am Aerial Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

  • 11am Aerial Saturday

  • 11:15am Yoga Stretch Sunday

  • 12pm Yoga Stretch Tuesday

  • 12pm Aerial Intro Thursday

  • 12pm Aerial Sunday

  • 12:30pm Aerial Saturday

  • 1:30pm Aerial Express Sunday

  • 2pm Aerial Intro Saturday

  • 3pm Chakra Healing & Soundbath Sunday

  • 4:15pm Restorative Aerial Sunday

  • 5:30pm Aerial Intro Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

  • 6:15pm Aerial Express Tuesday

  • 6:15pm Yoga Stretch Monday

  • 6:30pm Aerial Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

  • 6:30pm Aerial Restorative Thursday

  • 7:30pm Yin Friday

  • 7:45pm Aerial Express Wednesday

  • 8pm Aerial Express Thursday

Please comment below if you'd like to see more of the classes that we have.

Include the class time, class format, and day of the week.

If you see someone comment with a class time, format and day that works for you be sure to like that post!

Thank you for helping us add more classes for you!!!

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