Want to know how to reach out to us? Here's the best way. Use our Intake Form for Private Clients.

Thank you for choosing our studio - we really appreciate your interest. We are a small business located in the First Ward of Houston, also called the Houston Arts District. The building is an historic warehouse from the 1940s. We have 2 large practice rooms in our building, both around 750 square feet. At capacity we offer 12 spaces (total of 24 spaces in our 2 separate rooms) in our classes for aerial yoga. For ground yoga we can accommodate up to 18 spaces in our rooms (total of 36 spaces in our 2 separate rooms).Our studio is designed for Aerial Yoga, our Niche offering. We also offer traditional Hatha Yoga and private instruction.

People choose our studio because of the services we offer and the reviews our customers leave for each other. Aerial Yoga is a fun and unique way to get into yoga. It has many health benefits and is a lot of fun too! We offer private parties (and do lots of them) ranging from bachelorette parties to team building parties. Our senior level instructors work with people privately for various reasons, from corrective exercises to fitness and weight loss goals. Here is a link for our intake form that can help us better serve you.

We are a small business. The pandemic has changed the way we do business. It is best to reach out to us via email for all communication. Our website reflects current policies. We do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies. All questions can be responded to via email. Email is a primary and preferred source of communication. You can also text us at (713)851-2773.