Things to do for a Comfortable Yoga Practice from home.

The best thing about practicing from home is Everything :) You get to curate the experience to suit your needs, and can create the vibe you want for your home yoga practice. We have put together a list of useful things to consider to make your home yoga practice as awesome as possible.

We want to say a big "Thank You" to Josie, Allie, and many other who helped contribute to our recommendations, our community members shared what they thought would help, so thank you. And a loving reminder, all of our posts can be responded to below, so don't be shy.

Pick your Space and Connect with it.

Choose a space to practice in that will be pleasant and productive for you. We recommend a meditation room or quiet office area away from noisy distractions. Make sure to get Present and Connected to your yoga studio space. We suggest you put your devices on Do Not Disturb mode. No Disturbances, no distractions. Or turn off your devices. Power-cycling is good for their batteries. And yours.

Go ahead and disconnect while you practice. It helps recharge your batteries.

Next you want to set the MOOD. Do you want to create energy or chill out?

Set your music to set your mood. If you want to go one step further add good smells things like oils or incense. Alexa has some good lists like the Happy Music playlist.