Aerial Yoga Pro-tips for first class or party

How to prepare for your first Aerial Yoga Party or class: 5 easy tips to have you ready to fly and invert like a pro!

Our studio's most popular yoga experience is in aerial yoga parties and events. Don't worry, no experience is necessary! We have hosted hundreds of classes and have lots of students who have learned from our system and training in aerial yoga. We built our program for Beginners, because lets face it, we all start out as beginners. Our private parties are one of our best selling services. To better help encourage and prepare you we've complied a list of really helpful tips to get you ready for your first class or party. Our lead teacher has over 18 years of experience, and we train teachers how to teach as well.

We know you're going to do great - the best thing you can do now is be prepared with a positive attitude! We hope to see you soon.

Tip #1 - Aerial Yoga is designed for Every Body.

We know you've seen some impressive images on Instagram, that makes you think you've got to be "good" at aerial yoga. That advertising is not indicative of what we all look like when we start. We promise you we will get you into some cool inversions and poses. Our priority is your safety. First we have to teach you safely how our system works.

Tip #2 - Aerial Yoga is good for you.

Did you know that aerial yoga can alleviate back pain? Did you know that inversions can slow the aging process? We want everyone to know how beneficial this practice is, and how accessible and inclusive our instruction is. You will feel better after just one class. Don't be surprised if your pain goes away after just one session!

"After just one class my back felt better" – Sarah S.

Tip #3 - The best way to start is to show up prepared.

When you show up for your first class make sure you are ready. We recommend that you don't eat a big meal before your first class. Be properly hydrated, and avoid consuming alcohol 12-24 hours before hand. You can look at our check list below, for more information. Don't worry if you forget anything, we got you covered. We love working with beginners. The most important thing to bring with you is a smile and a positive attitude.

Tip #4 - Check out our Social Media for videos and tips from our community

We post videos on our YouTube that you can watch to see more. Our Instagram has information about our upcoming classes and events. Get on our Email List for invites and updates.

Tip #5 - Try a class with us! We do more than just aerial yoga.

We host regular yoga classes outdoors every Saturday at 12pm at City Orchard. Every Saturday at 4pm we offer aerial yoga. Bookings for private parties and lessons are also available, and we can do corporate and on-site wellness events.

Every Full Moon we host a pop up market with local vendors too! We hope to see you soon.

Starting a Yoga Practice doesn't have to be a challenge.

Aerial yoga is a powerful type of yoga that is incredibly good for you. It's fun and creative. It's inclusive and beneficial to your health. Be sure to screenshot out our check list below for your first class. Make use of our media streams, and come try a class with us. Please feel free to comment below too!

Aerial Yoga Checklist

  • Be 15 minutes early

  • Avoid eating a large meal before class

  • Be properly hydrated

  • Avoid alcohol 12-24 hours before

  • Cover your feet and under arms

  • Remove any jewelry that could be ripped off your body

  • Bring a mat or rent one

  • No phones please

  • Respect the teacher, listen and follow directions

  • Class will begin and end on time

  • Our cancel policy will be followed and enforced

  • We respect your time, so be on time

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