Pay-What-You-Can Classes are here!

Hello friends, we have some exciting news to share with you, just in time for Friendsgiving. You can now attend our classes for a donation-based rate.

Pay-What-You-Can classes are designed for people who need assistance with payments.

People who need financial assistance tend to be:

  • unemployed or in-between jobs

  • in college or grad school

  • single parents supporting others

  • partners supporting other family members

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to test our a Donation Based Model. If it goes well, we will extend it into the oncoming quarter! You might be wondering how this works...

When students go to book a class, we now have Pay-What-You-Can options, OR we also have a $1 to hold a reservation pass set up in Mind Body. We are asking a minimum of $11 for our hour long classes.

Our business bases it rates upon paying our team, our rent, and our overhead. Pre-pandemic that number was $25 a class. In May of 2022, our rates increased to $30 a class. If you've used Mind Body for booking you've also seen our "dynamic pricing" which is based upon our highest and lowest reasonable rates, subject to change and what people are paying at that moment in our marketplace.

We suggest any donations from $11 and up for our group classes. Most businesses have their rates set up based upon their bottom line. When deciding what to pay for a donation based business, we suggest making your donation based upon the going or recommended rates. If you can't afford these rates, reach out directly ahead of time to see how the business accommodates.

Here are our suggested rates:

  • Single Hour Aerial Yoga $20-30

  • Single Hour Ground Yoga $10-20

  • 1/2 Hour classes $5-10

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