Our YouTube Channel has some Great Classes.

Virtual classes allow you to practice from the comfort of your home. In addition, you also have lots of choices for the length of the class, and the format too. As we spend more time indoors and socially distancing, it's lovely to have these options. We have also been told that some individuals prefer practicing this way, so we are happy to offer other ways to get in your yoga class.

The class descriptions will include the recommended student experience level, from beginner to advanced, and the length of the practice. Some descriptions will also give specific details to the kind of class, for example, a class specifically for the hips. Did you know that class requests for the hips and low back are the most popular?

Because of this we wanted to share our most recent 20 minute long flow class focusing on the hips. Be sure to take your time with these classes, and feel free to comment too.

Need a specific type of class, not listed? Let us know and we can make one for you!