November Events & Updates

Hey Guys, it's Amanda! Can you believe it's almost November? As I write this from a sunny porch in Costa Rica, I am reminded of the magical powers of manifestation. Meditation, Journaling and Planning will help you manifest your Bigger Vision, but you must stay committed, and have a written plan. With only 60 days ahead of us, now is the time to get REAL about our AUTHENTIC NEEDS and DREAMS.

The holidays are upon us. Now is a good time to have a Record or Plan to follow. Healthy holiday habits can be a reward to help propel your Vision forward into 2022. Here are some easy ways to get a head start on your holiday wellness plan:

  1. Start a Wellness Journal. Write down a reasonable commitment to yourself in that journal. You can pick 2 or 3 things from below to commit to, and keep track of your day to day activities in your wellness journal.

  2. Add meditation to your wellness practices- even if it's just 15 minutes. This helps increase focus, clarity, and reduce stress.

  3. Get enough exercise - yoga, walking, or any kind of sweat is good for inspiration. You actually only need 30 minutes a day.

  4. Stay connected with a group of wellness friends. When you have someone to share the inspiration with, it's easier. Go on wellness excursions, plan self-care dates, and network with other health minded individuals

  5. Increase healthy eating habits. Add more water to your diet, cut back on sugar, give up alcohol, and eat more fresh fruits and veggies.

Moving forward, I'll be sharing my thoughts in purple, so you can scan the content and pass over this if you are pressed for time. Events will be in GREEN. New class additions/information will be in BLUE. Information regarding accounts will be in Black.

Did you hear we have restructured our memberships? Each month we will be promoting a Membership so you can learn more. For the Month of November we are promoting the Beginner Membership:

Beginner Membership and classes are recommended for beginners. We recommend Beginners attend one aerial and one ground yoga class a week. Starting with 2 classes a week is a commitment that is very doable and works well for our beginners. This is our most affordable membership too! The membership gets you:

  • a total of 4 aerial classes (1xs a week)

  • and 4 of any of our ground classes (includes meditation and sound baths)

  • all passes roll over for a full quarter, and can be reused and shared with friends

  • is only $80 (this makes the classes just $10 each)

Our memberships are designed to work for you, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Outdoor Yoga at City Orchard

Join us every 1st Sunday of the month for a pay-what-you-can Pop-Up class!

Participants enjoy happy hour pricing, a raffle for prizes from local vendors, and our Aerial Yoga Rig will be out for Demonstrations! A local market is growing out of this event, hosting Tarot readers, local makers, creatives, and vendors looking for booths!

Yoga starts at 12pm

Aerial Demos begin at 1pm


We are keeping our Flow & Meditation program on as a "Pay-What-You-Can" offering. We hope this encourages you to come out and experience all we have to offer. We would never turn students away because of a lack of financial means.

What does "Pay-What-You-Can" mean?

Simply put, it means we believe you should pay what you can, if you can't afford to pay our suggested rates. We believe that individuals who are out of work, in between jobs, or individuals in school, should be extended a rate that works for them.

A single aerial class is $30

A single ground class ranges from $30-20

Suggested pay-what-you-can rates range from $10-30.

Thank you all so much for reading this far! Be sure to reach out if you need anything - email is best if you are trying to reach me :)

Wishing you all a lovely and blessed November,

love Amanda & RAY Team

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