New Student Expectations & Community Guidelines

We love having new clients in our Aerial Yoga Studio. Our local business is always excited to bring aerial yoga to more people. While we are a yoga studio, we are an AERIAL yoga studio, and are not the same as your regular yoga studio. This means your first time here, will be unlike any experience you've ever had at another yoga studio.

We have a very useful blog and website that is full of amazing and detailed information for you to make your experience here AMAZING. Please don't leave us a bad review online because you weren't properly prepared. We really DO want you to have an amazing experience. Our rules are to help keep our Community safe and healthy, and are not negotiable. We are always happy to reschedule you if you arrive and don't have what you need to participate.

New Students even have their own link on our site, so be sure to CLICK and thoroughly read this.

We will reschedule you if you are signed up for a class that is not the right class for you.

We will issue you an account credit for your classes. We do not issue refunds.

Thank you for being prepared for our amazing teachers and classes, and respecting our Community Guidelines.

Our Community Guidelines

  • We are Houston's Premiere Beginner Aerial Yoga Studio: we specialize in Beginner & Advanced Aerial Yoga instruction

  • We are inclusive, welcoming, and safe: gender, size, and how you identify is respected here

  • Respect yourself - show up on time and be prepared

  • Respect each other - stay home if you aren't well

  • We are committed to our students' and teachers' safety

  • We have structured classes with purpose and intention

  • We have sanitation rules and spacing rules for the Community's Needs

  • Our policies are in place for the greater good, not the individual's good

  • Safety is our greatest concern - if you arrive unprepared we WILL reschedule you and leave a credit on your account

In the event you have a negative experience or poor interaction with us please email us. Please allow us 48 hours for a response, as we are a small business and do not have a dedicated back office staff. We would love the opportunity to make things right, prior to getting a bad review. We would love to give you the opportunity to have the experience you deserve. If you leave us a bad review online your account will not be credited and you will not be eligible for class. We encourage people who use the internet to leave bad reviews to contact us first for any necessary clarification. We do want you to have an amazing experience with us, and place high value on our customer service.

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