Memberships, Freezes, & Promotions: how they work


Members are individuals who have purchased a Membership. Members get access to a certain number of classes per month at a discounted rate. Members also get VIP access, Event invites, Discounts of workshops and retreats, and more. Memberships help us keep our doors open, and our rates desirable. Our rates are dependent upon the total number of attendees, and do change. For this reason, our memberships, just like our ongoing promotions, are locked in at that time.

FREEZES: up to 1 freeze every 6 months

We want you to enjoy our staff, studio, and community, so we encourage you to maintain your account. Keeping your account current allows you to keep the best rate you got when you signed up. Lapsed accounts lose their rates, and won't be eligible for current promotional rates. As a small business we automate as much of our process as possible to keep our overhead low and we have software in place for this reason. Office hours are limited. We do understand that sometimes things come up, and for this reason we offer an account freeze option. Freezing accounts allows you to hold your rate and pause your membership. We permit up to 1 account freeze every 6 months.


In addition to that members get VIP access to many cool things, from Photoshoots to Sponsored Events. Our members contribute to our Community. We participate in the First Ward Monthly Beautifying Committee every First Saturday of the month, picking up trash in our neighborhood, meeting our neighbors at F45 and Houston Contemporary Dance, R-Bar, and Infuse Me! We also extend perks to our Members, from discounted classes from our neighbors at F45 Houston Arts District and Houston Contemporary Dance.


Promotions are a wonderful way to get started with a yoga practice. We offer promotions online on various marketplaces such as Mind Body, Instagram, and Facebook.