Instructor Appreciation Blog Post

Thank you for participating in our Community Instructor Appreciation Blog Post.

You can help one of our amazing teachers win a $100 gift card!

As our Community grows, we want to make you an active part of our culture and experience. Aerial Yoga is truly an experience. Your guides on the side, our AMAZING team of teachers, make this experience possible. We want to thank them and share your praise, which will in-turn help people learn more about our amazing community, vibes, and culture.

Now, this is not a contest for who's the best, or who's strongest, or who's most experienced. This is merely a thank you and appreciation post and a call to action to share why you love our team. Comment below who you're nominating and why!

Whoever gets the most nominations will win!

We asked the teacher to share a 3-6 sentence "About You". Enjoy:)

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Beverly Shugart