Influenced by the Wisdom of Age - November's Waning Crescent

Our second to last event of 2022 is this Sunday, November 20th.

The moon will be in its last phase, Waning Crescent.

Join us this Sunday to practice under the Waning Crescent Moon. An opportunity to explore the themes of rest, regeneration, and reconnection.

The Basics: Market + Yoga followed by sound healing and acupuncture

Person laying on their back, on a purple yoga mat with  their arms spread out, point up and knees up.

7pm yoga is an all levels, beginner friendly session.

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Consider the benefits of our cooler weather — a break from pollen and outdoor allergies, a boost to your immune system, lower cortisol levels.

We practice in the pavilion, a covered space.

Interested vendors can reply to this email.

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