How to avoid injuries in Aerial Fitness and why we don't let people in late...

Injuries can occur walking out your front door to your mailbox. We are aware that simple things can cause injuries. We take our jobs here seriously at Republic Aerial Yoga. As wellness and fitness advocates all of our classes are designed with safety in mind.

One of the easiest ways to avoid injury is to learn how to listen to your body. This may take some time to understand.

Here are some signs that your body is communicating with you:

- you hold your breath: this can show that there is tension in the body, or conversely it can also be a sign of someone who's forgotten to breathe

- you feel tingling in your appendages: this can be an indication of your nerves sending signals to your body

- pain: you are in pain, meaning, it hurts. Knowing the difference between discomfort and pain is important. Pain is radicular, and can often make you hold your breath, wince, or make loud noises. Discomfort is not the same, and is tolerable. You can breathe through discomfort. Typically it is not as easy to breathe through pain.

To minimize injuries, and to comply with safety standards, we offer warm ups in all of our classes. If you are running late to class, you have accepted the risk of injury that comes from arriving late. For these reasons, we ask that if you are more than 4 minutes late that you reschedule. Please be aware that class reservations and cancel policies will be held.