Featured Teacher of the Month Susan Perry (05/20221)

Updated: May 17, 2021

Part of what we offer at our Amazing studio is an Amazing team of teachers. We wanted to spotlight a teacher each month and invite you to come and attend their classes. We invite you to get to know our team. Hopefully these fun interviews will help you learn more about our team, and inspire you to connect more deeply.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

"I was born in Oklahoma, but have lived in Houston all of my life. Even though I live in the suburbs, I consider myself a city girl. I am very much a free-spirited, easy going, and independent person. I try to remind people to "be the reason someone smiles today". If you attend a class with me, you might even hear me say this :) Having worked in the service industry, I find that people crave connections, eye contact especially. It's amazing how a simple smile and compliment can change the whole direction of another person's day."

How did you start on your Aerial yoga Journey?

"I’ve always enjoyed practicing a holistic lifestyle and Yoga is just one of the tools in my holistic toolbox. Little did I know how beneficial Yoga would be, not just for the mind, but also for the body! I began taking yoga classes in 2015. I have an older sister, and I grew up liking everything she liked. My sister suggested I try a yoga class and that’s how I arrived on the mat! I have been teaching Yoga since May 2019.

I found Republic Aerial Yoga while the gyms were shut down and I was eagerly learning from others through live streams. As soon as Gym’s were allowed to reopen I made my way into an Aerial class at Republic! I started teaching July of 2020. I was amazed at how much strength was needed to do yoga with the hammocks and instantly fell in love with the new challenge! Honestly I wasn’t sure how I’d like aerial yoga since I get motion sick very easily, but that hasn’t been an issue. It took me about 6 classes to acclimated to the sensations and maybe a little longer to work on the more challenging poses. With my background in Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, my approach to teaching Aerial is using the hammock as a prop. With this approach I am able to get into poses that wouldn’t otherwise attempt without the use of the hammock.

Republic Aerial Yoga has given me the chance to teach outside of the box, to be creative and move and breathe in ways that feel so amazing! Yoga with a hammock allows you to go deeper, to find space and openness in the body, to be mindful and very much in the present moment!"

Can you tell us about things that you love, that inspire you, or that you'd like to share with us?

"When I’m not teaching yoga, you might find me hanging out with friends at a local coffee shop, consuming Houston’s best tacos, art gazing at one of the many art museums. . Aerial yoga engages all the sense and because I love food so much, you might catch me making references or comparing yoga to food!"

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