Featured Community Member: Kathy M (05/2021)

Miss Kathy has practiced with us for years. She's an amazing person. At 74 years young she's one of our wisest practitioners. Republic Aerial Yoga is blessed with an amazing community. We hope to continue to share and grow. Enjoy meeting Miss Kathy.

We asked her to share a pose with us, and had an impromptu interview where she told me more about who she is, how she began her journey to aerial yoga, and some of her favorite things.

Miss Kathy demonstrates a Monkey in a Tree Variation.

This pose is a challenging variation. When we ask Miss Kathy how long it took her to learn this she suggests it takes 6-8 hours of classes, "probably more... to do it well."

She loves taking classes every week - you'll definitely see her if you attend AM classes.

Hi Miss Kathy, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

"I grew up in small town next to Galveston and graduated in ‘65. Then I landed a job at NASA just when the Apollo missions were starting and did get to meet Buzz Aldrin. After that, I moved to Houston and became a barber for 45 years. I am 74 years young. "