Community Sponsors

What are Community Sponsors?

Community Sponsors are members of our community who have a service that they want to share with our community. Our community sees around 100-150 attendees at our monthly events. We like to spotlight our Community Sponsors to our community members to encourage supporting our businesses, creating connections, and growing our presence.

What do Community Sponsors offer?

Community Sponsors share information about their businesses as resources to our community members. If you want to be a Community Sponsor, you will be asked to send:

  • 3 pictures that you love that best reflect your business

  • a 3-5 sentence statement describing your business

  • a link to your page

  • a call to action, or a member perk

Member perks help us direct our members to your pages. We suggest member perks like a discount code or special promotion. Our members are engaged with us, and we are have 26k views on Google, as well as 22k local social media accounts, with ongoing opportunities from regional sponsors as well.