• Amanda Field

But seriously why do I have to wear socks and cover my pitts?

Pitts sweat. And sometimes feet do too. We ask our staff as well as our members to cover their sweaty parts to help keep our studio as clean as possible. We take extra measures to sanitize and combat the spread of ALL pathogens.

We aren't saying that Covid is spread from sharing your under arm cooties, but we have this policy in place for a couple of reasons.

  1. Our hammocks are durable and machine washable, but if we washed them EVERY DAY we would be spending lots of time at the laundromat. Extending the life of our equipment is easy to do if you cover your underarms. We don't think it's that much trouble to do, and we even have spare shirts if you forget or don't read our really cool blog posts ;)

  2. In classes when we are using the equipment it is common to experience burns from friction. Covering your underarms (and feet) can help prevent those nasty burns. We literally got you covered.

Don't like this policy? We don't like having lots of rules too, but we do this to help take care of EVERYONE. For those who prefer, you can buy a hammock of your own and use it in the studio classes, ANYTIME. We even sell Yoga Hammocks if you desire one of your own.

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