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© 2019 Republic Aerial Yoga

1302 Houston Avenue #600

Houston, TX 77007


About Republic Aerial Yoga

At Republic we believe in yoga for everyone. Our classes are inclusive and beginner-centered.  Injuries or soreness?  Let us know. Our instructors are here to help. Expect to leave feeling better than when you arrived. Nervous about flying? Don't be! "Aerial Beginnings" classes are ground-based and much easier than a typical Flow or Vinyasa class (think: Pilates in a hammock).  You won't be more than 3 feet off the ground during your first 5 classes.  After you've taken 5 "Aerial Beginnings" courses, you can decide if you're ready to try more challenging inversions in Aerial Experienced classes.

Meet the Owner

Amanda Field (500-ERYT) has been teaching yoga since 2008.  Her classes are creative, inclusive, and community-oriented. She believes in teaching a sustainable and functional practice.  Amanda believes deeply in inclusion, and not ascribing to any one brand or style. Every student has a unique body and needs to be met in that present space. In her 13 years of experience working with all kinds of people from Professional Athletes to Senior Citizens, she has devised a system that is sustainable and will keep you in optimal shape. Republic Aerial yoga offers more than just aerial yoga, we offer a system of ground classes to help create a strong yoga basis, and we incorporate aerial for upper body strengthening and conditioning. Our yoga classes, when used in combination, including aerial and ground yoga classes, will create a strong and balanced body. Amanda created the class schedule with you in mind, having a wide variety of classes, that when practiced regularly will keep you in a strong and balanced body. We encourage all of our prospective members and students to try all of our classes! Thank you for checking us out!