Our Teachers & Community
Instructors at Republic have a harmonious mixture of talent, professionalism, and overall chill. We are deeply committed to helping people improve their practice.  We do yoga and Pilates because we love them.  We believe in the powerful Connection the Mind and Body experience through movement. Helping people set and reach goals brings us joy. We value and honor the sacred holding space for individuals as they work on Mind Body Connections. Thank you for sharing Your Presence with Us. 
Meet Out Instructors
Amanda Field
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Amanda Field has 15 years experience in yoga and movement. She loves learning and is a former Texas Teacher. In her free time she trains in Pilates, enjoys hanging out with her cat, and studying marketing. She also is a wannabe foodie and loves trying new coffee shops in HTX. @amandafieldyoga and Amanda Field Yoga.com

Dinee Peters-Bell

Dinee Peters-Bell has 17 years experience in Pilates, Yoga and movement. She loves learning and is master level Pilates Trainer. She has an amazing son, enjoys hanging out with her dog, Major, and riding her bike around town. Some of her favorite place in HTX are... @lionpilates

Ozzi Hernandez
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Mia Bradford
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Ivan Alexander
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Ariel Reetz
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Interested in teaching at Republic? 
Come take a class, and email your resume to Republicaerialyoga@gmail.com