New in class?  Here's what to do:

Yoga Mat and Straps
Fit Girl
  1. Register for class using your Mindbody account. (we do not accept walk-ins)

  2. We recommend taking an Intro or Beginner class (Aerial Yoga). Classical Pilates is recommended for students new to Pilates. When possible, we encourage private instruction. 

  3. Parking lot and studio entrance are behind Rbar (huge parking lot).

  4. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts.  

  5. In Aerial yoga we will require you remove bulky/sharp jewelry/watches. If you must wear earrings, please cover them with Bandaids. We don't want you to get hurt. In Pilates, this is not an issue. 

  6. If you wear shorts, please wear spandex underneath.

  7. No tank tops in aerial classes (unless you own the silk/hammock).

  8. Mats are available for rent. 

  9. Socks are required (we have sticky socks for sale).

  10. Let the instructor know if you have any concerns or health issues.

  11. If you need to de-register, please do so on Mindbody - no-shows and late-cancels will be charged the cost of the class (and in some cases incur a late-cancellation fee). 

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