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Teachers and Advocates at Republic have a harmonious mixture of talent, professionalism, and overall chill. If you are a yoga teacher or wellness advocate, we would love to connect with you. Our Community is more that a studio - we are a passionate group of wellness advocates who desire to improve our communities, share our unique skills and talents, and connect people to wellness resources. We believe in the powerful Connection the Mind and Body experience through movement. Helping people set and reach goals brings us joy. We value and honor the sacred holding space for individuals as they work on Mind Body Connections. Do you vibe with our Community Statement? If so, maybe our Affiliate program is right for you. Get paid to promote classes you teach or want to attend. Anyone can be an affiliate - yogis, teachers, businesses, or influencers. We invite you to meet some of our Talent. Scroll to the bottom for the Affiliate Form

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Amanda Field

Amanda Field has 19 years experience in yoga and wellness. She loves learning and is a former Texas Teacher.  She's also the inventor of a unique yoga prop, The Yoga Triangle. She's a social media and marketing specialist, with a BA in Communications. An advocate of sober living, in her free time she lifts weights and spends lots of time outdoors in the sun. For more info or to book a private session with her visit her website.

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Beverly Shugart

Beverly Shugart has 2 years of experience teaching aerial yoga. She joined our team as an intern. Incredibly intuitive, patient, and nurturing, Beverly excelled with working with Beginners. In addition to being a wonderful beginners teacher, she's also a talented photographer and model. In her free time she travels, lifts heavy things, and is a loving mom to her snowshoe cat, Prince. For more info or to book a private session...

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Jessenia Estrada

Jessenia grew up always wanting to have something she loved shared in the world. She decided that she too wanted to share this amazing gift with others. Years later she is now a certified yoga teacher. Under her belt she has 200 hour teacher training certificate, and 40 hour aerial teacher training certificate.

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