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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga in Houston
Aerial Yoga Class
Beginner Hammock Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga Classes and Procedures

Aerial Yoga classes require online booking and reservations. If you are new to Aerial Yoga we require you attend 5 Aerial Beginnings Classes before taking a Aerial Level 1/2. If you wish to take Aerial Level 2/3 we require you attend 5 Aerial Level 1/2 classes. In order to have access to open gym we require a completion of 5 Aerial Level 2/3 classes and an authorization from Management.

Aerial Yoga classes require socks and long sleeve shirts. If you don't have you can rent from the studio for $2 or purchase in studio! 

Aerial Yoga classes require an understanding of risk and body awareness. We ask you understand the risk of aerial yoga, and are aware of your own personal safety. Please be aware that your personal safety and responsibility relies on your own sense of judgement, and all poses are optional. Please arrive 10 minutes early and fill out the personal and liability release waiver, which states that RYH is not responsible for any injuries that you may incur while practicing Aerial yoga. If you have any special needs or requirements it is your responsibility to inform the instructor ahead of time. This yoga is a high risk yoga and therefore we require you fully understand the risk you are accepting. If you attend aerial yoga classes you are accepting the risks of various injuries and understand the liability that you accept by attending class.

Aerial Yoga reservations hold your spot. If you need to cancel we require 8 hours notice to avoid our No-Show fee. If you pay for a drop-in and no-show you will not be charged a no-show fee, but you will lose your class credit. 

Aerial Yoga Parties & Private Lessons

We are happy to host your Party!

We have done Bachelorette parties, Corporate Team Building parties, Birthday parties and more. 

Our Event team can help you plan a perfect party with food, drinks, and more. Please send us an email inquiry for more details, and be sure to include the nature of the party and the number of participants, additionally include 2-3 dates and times that work for your participants.

Rates vary due to participant group size and party needs. All Cancellations must be submitted via email and deposits are non-refundabale and non-transferrable. Please be aware that our studio books out up to 2 weeks in advance, so we ask for 2 weeks notice. However, sometimes there are cancellations. 

Please submit all inquiries via email for the best response and turn around time. Thank you for your inquiries.

Copy and Paste and Fill this out for your Inquiries:

1. Full Name: (First and Last)

2. Number of Participants:

3. Nature of Party:

4. Level of Experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

5. 3 Different Dates and Times:

6. Any other questions: 

For individuals with limited range of motion or in need of spinal traction, Aerial or Anti-gravity yoga can be very effective. In addition to the amazing way this yoga will make you feel, you will always leave feeling accomplished and strong. 

The classes taught here always begin touching the ground. The device we use is called an Om-Gym, and has 3 sets of handles or stirrups to aid in the process. You will be taught safely how to setup your hammock, may learn how to enter the hammock at ground level or above ground level, learn fundamental skills to level up your practice to hanging in the air, working into spinal traction and inverted positions.


Afraid you can't do this yoga? You can. Our Aerial Beginnings class includes optional hanging inversions. Optional. All of the poses are initially taught on or off of the ground. The apparatus is designed to be moveable - meaning the hammock is raisable or lowerable, as are the handles/stirrups. You control the intensity of your practice. 

These classes are small, partner work may be utilized, and we ensure your safety. We hope that you will feel safe and confident learning how to operate the Aerial Yoga Hammock. We can even show you how to purchase, setup, and use in the comfort of your own home.


This yoga is not recommended for individuals who:

  • are pregnant

  • have high blood pressure

  • have glaucoma 

Sometimes individuals may experience:

  • dizziness

  • nausea

  • light-headedness

  • symptoms similar to vertigo

Usually after 3-5 classes these symptoms will subside. Learning how inverted positions effects the heart, the circulatory system, and the lymphatic system is a wonderful part of this yoga.


Aerial yoga includes many health benefits including:

  • lymphatic drain

  • spinal traction

  • spinal decompression

  • circulatory system stimulation

  • lymphatic system stimulation

  • endocrine system stimulation

*our aerial classes are limited in size, so register ahead of time,

reserve your spot. priority given to members. $10 no show fee*

Who can Do Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is good for anyone who wants to try it!

Aerial Yoga is not recommended for people with:

High Blood Pressure

Expectant Mothers

People with Vertigo

People with Inner Ear Infections

It is recommended to get your doctor's approval if you have any concerns, as we are not liscenced medical professionals.

Any questions please be submit via email and use our contact us form:)

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