Aerial Fitness & Yoga

Over 60 classes a week!


 Classes require reservations.
No-shows and late cancels will incur fee.
What class is right for you? View our schedule.

Call or text us: 713-364-7760

  • Book on the Mind Body App

  • Reservations required

  • An Active Credit Card on file Required, payment must be made prior to class to hold reservations. Rescheduling available.

  • All studios have equipment rentals. Our Hammocks rent for $5.  Buy your own for $78. 

  • Mat required, rentals available and for purchase

  • Socks required, available for purchase

  • Call during work hours to phone book 9am-6pm - if we miss you please send a text.

  • We require a card on file. If you are booked for a class and no show or late cancel we will charge you a fee. 

  • Classes and private events need to be paid in advance. Our team commutes in to teach, and their time is valuable. Please be mindful of that.